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Brutalisme in Londen; Economist Plaza (1)

In 2017 The Economist will move from its home of 52 years to new offices in central London. This is the fascinating story of the iconic building we will leave behind and the two modernist architects who designed it.


Economist Plaza
Alison en Peter Smithson
Google Maps
Foto’s op Flickr


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Onderhoud Boeing 747

Mooie documentaire van de BBC die toont hoe in vijf weken een Boeing 747 volledig gestript, gecontroleerd en weer in elkaar gezet wordt.

“Engineering Giants is a documentary series which takes a look at the making of some of the world’s biggest machines. This series will go behind the scenes and document what it takes to overhaul a British Airways’ Boeing 747-400.”

Close Up; John Gollings: Eye For Architecture

©John Gollings / 360 Degree Films

Mooie documentaire over de Australische architectuurfotograaf John Gollings. Te bekijken op Uitzending Gemist.